SouthSide Partnership is a group of Daycare Providers in Pinellas County (St.Petersburg), Florida, sharing ideas, procedures, and forms to help you successfully run your Daycare business. We also make a contract for your business. We want to share with you the ups and downs of being a child care provider. If we support each other in our businesses, we can all be stronger business people.

Since January, 2011, we have gone through many changes with the Early Learning Coalition (ELC). Many of our fellow Child Care Providers had to close their business because they could not meet the standards of ELC, which was to maintain the Sign In/Out Sheet and the Liability Insurance for Daycare. Many of our Southside Partners had lost children and money because of their standards, which made it very hard to support their families. We need to support each other in times like these. This is why it is important to be a part of something positive.

SouthSide wants to be your Walmart for your daycare needs - one stop to get everything you need. The better we are the better our business will be.

Andi Bell, Founder

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